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Develop your technical and technological chocolate skills with my courses

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Eat cannabis

Well, I can reassure you right away, you don't eat your hash or your weed directly like you would taste a piece of chocolate ! It would be stupid... Cannabis must be prepared beforehand, heated to a certain temperature (which we will see just after) then infused for a certain time in a fatty substance such as butter, olive oil or coconut oil…. Read more

Le cannabis contre le stress et la dépression​

Cannabis is already well known for its relaxing effects and anti-depressioneffects. But then is it really able to reduce stress and cure depression ? Doesn't matter the origin, symptoms of depression are very often similar. This disease is characterized by low mood, loss of motivation, loss of interest … Read more

The benefits and disadvantages of cannabis edibles

If you are looking for a method of consumption that is less harmful for your lungs in order to completely quit smoking, edibles are for you ! However, like any mode of consumption, they have their advantages and disadvantages which we will discuss here. Find out if they are right for you or not, and if ... Read more



Originaly from Lyon in France, I started working in pastry at the age of 15 years as aprentice to get my certificate, CAP pastry maker then a CAP chocolatier before to ending by a BTM chocolatier while I learned a lot of practice and technologic technics of chocolate.

In 2018, I decided to participate to the French Cup of Young Chocolatiers where I got the prize of the best buffet of less than 20 years .

In 2019, I tried the experience of traveling to United-States, in San Francisco, California to work and practice English for almost 2 months.

Then in october 2019 I integrated the chocolate team "Jean Philippe" on a cruise ship, the "MSC Grandiosa" for 5 months before to be sent back home due to Covid-19.

In October 2020, I went to Dubai where I partnered with a chocolate company, "Noir," and created e-book trainings to share with you my knowledge in the chocolate field.

2 years later, I went back to California to develop the brand Clement Niel Chocolatier by participating in events such as the «Cannabis Wedding Expo» then also start a YouTube channel to share my adventures and my passion for cannabis.

Now, I keep travelling around the world to collaborate with different brands combining chocolate and cannabis.