Eat cannabis

Eat cannabis

Cannabis edibles

Well, I can reassure you right away, you don't eat your hash or your weed directly like you would taste a piece of chocolate ! It would be stupid...

Cannabis must be prepared beforehand, heated to a certain temperature then infused for a certain time in a fatty substance such as butter, olive oil or coconut oil…

There are many different ways to cook cannabis, we can use fatty infused ingredients, tinctures or extractions straight from our plant !

First of all, here are the kind of edibles that we can find on the market :

– Drinks (sparkling water, syrup, ice tea, wine)

– Salty products (pizzas, chipolatas, any type of cuisine in fact !)

– Pastries (eclairs, cookies, brownies)

- Chocolate bars

- Sweets


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how does it feel to eat an edible made with cannabis ?

The effect experienced when you eat or drink a product containing cannabis is totally different than when it is smoked because the compounds of the plant are transmitted in the bloodstream through the digestive systemThis also explains why the “high or relaxing” effect takes longer to arrive.


The time it takes to feel the effect depends on the type of food you ingest, the potency of the THC/CBD dose, your metabolism then if you have an empty stomach. And of course, tolerance also plays a big role, if you are a more or less regular user.

In general, the effects of an edible should be felt about 1 hour after ingesting it. If not, it's a good idea to wait another 30 minutes before increasing the dose (if you're worried about getting too chilled out on CBD or "high" on THC) .

This is due to the fact that even if it takes a while to build up, the effect of edible cannabis can go from 0 to 100 very quickly. If you're disappointed that you're not as high as your friends and you eat another cookie, then another…. you might find the experience too overwhelming or too sedating ! !

Remember that you should not eat a food containing cannabis like you smoke a joint. You really have to be patientThis is more valid if your edible contains THC and you don't want to get too "high". With CBD, you have no chance of having a bad experience because the effects are totally different !

What is the difference between cbd and thc foods ?

Cannabis contains hundreds of chemical compounds, but the two most common are THC and CBD. The first is the principal psychoactive compound that gives to the plant its high effect, while CBD is a non-psychoactive compound increasingly used in health and wellness products.

The main difference between CBD and THC edibles is their chemical compositionand their effects. THC edibles will get you high while CBD edibles won't. CBD will give you a relaxing effect to relax more and more sought after by consumers. To better understand the difference, here is another article talking about the subject :

What is CBD ?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a no-psychoactive molecule from hemp, also called cannabis. Unlike the second molecule in the plant called Delta-9 TetraHydroCannabinol or THC, CBD doesn't have high effects so it doesn't make you addict.Its consumption is now legal in France but .... Read more

The benefits of cannabis edibles

Cannabis edibles have several advantages that make them a more attractive mode of consumption than smoking or vaping.

The effects are stronger and longer

As a cannabis edible is broken down by the digestive system, it not only takes longer to feel the effects, but it also offers a slower release of cannabinoids into the body. plus lenteBy consuming CBD or THC edibles you will get a longer lasting and gradually increasing effect.

Cannabis edibles generally contain larger doses of cannabinoids than a few puffs on a joint or vaporizer. Additionally, by consuming THC foods, the compound is processed by the liver and converted into the metabolite 11-hydroxy-THC, a very potent alternative form of THC, which penetrates the blood-brain barrier much more easily than delta-9-THC.


Although CBD edibles obviously do not produce psychoactive but relaxing effects, they are also processed by the liver and then provide a slower and more potent release. lente et plus puissante.

Dosing is easier

Another benefit of consuming edible cannabis is that it can be much easier to dose. When smoking or vaping cannabis, the best way to try to dose is to control the number of puffs taken. But this doesn't really tell you the more or less exact amount you are consuming. Food, however, makes it easier to dose.

In the cannabis market, edibles must be clearly labeled with the amount of cannabinoids contained per serving, to ensure that consumers will have a controlled and enjoyable experience with cannabis edibles. Yes, it is a little more difficult to dose a homemade hemp food product, but it is still easier than when it is smoked. 


Eating is more discreet


It doesn't matter if you use CBD or THC, as a cannabis user you will always be targeted by old prejudices and stereotypes. Even users for medical or relaxing purposes are still seen as “junkies”

Luckily, edibles allow cannabis users to escape their prejudices by providing an easy, discreet, and smoke-free way to consume weed, if it's for rest or fun.


experiment in your own way

One of the things I'm excited with this plant is that it's easy to make edibles at home with cannabis butter or infused oils that you can incorporate into pretty much any dish! This gives to the cannabis users the chance of experiment with the doses and recipes they want to fully appreciate the effects of hemp that you cannot get by smoking.

How to dose cannabis edibles ?

If you are lucky enough to be able to buy labeled edibles, the dosage is quite simple. Just follow the instructions on the package to change the serving size to suit your cravings. If this is not the case for you, dosing cannabis edibles without directions can be complicated. But there are « standards » doses to better gauge your consumption and manage the desired effect :

– Microdose (2.5mg of THC) : this is a good dose to start with if you are new to edible cannabis. You can expect to be slightly comforted and more focused, with a noticeable drop in anxiety.

 Low dose (5mg of THC) : A dose of this potency should produce slightly more pronounced and energizing effects. You might also feel a little more creative and sociable.

– Standard dose (10mg of THC) : this dose is considered a standard dose of THC. Once consumed, a dose of this power will usually kick in after an hour and produce a relaxing high that can last 4-6 hours, depending on your metabolism and cannabis tolerance !


– High dose (25mg and + of THC) : it is intended for consumers with a medical purpose and those whose tolerance is high to feel the desired effect. For an inexperienced person, this amount will cause a long and intense effect, be careful ! 


Even if the dosage of homemade edibles is more complicated, you can determine approximately how much CBD or THC is in your dishes to get the best experience by referring to those doses that you know right now.

For example, if you use 10 grams of dried cannabis flower (10,000 milligrams) with a THC concentration of 10% to infuse 20 grams of butter, you can calculate that the butter will contain a total of 1000mg of THC (10% of 10 000). If you use this butter to bake a batch of 30 cookies, you can assume that each cookie will contain around 30mg of THC.


For CBD, these doses work on the same principle, the difference remains the fact that your CBD foods will not give you a psychotropic effect but only relaxing ! The higher the dose, the more your product will provide you with wellbeing and relaxation

I personally consume my chocolates and pastries to reduce stress andhelp me fall asleep more easily. 

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After have tried several experiments in the world of cannabis, you probably realized that eating cannabis edibles provides much stronger beaucoup effects than when you smoke it. Putting a little bit of weed in your cookies can make the experience much more pleasant in terms of power and duration …. Read more

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