The Chocolate

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You are looking for deepen your knowledge about chocolate ?

Solve some problems happened while your enrobing session or after few weeks of conservation ?


You are in the right place !


This E-book of 23 pages is for enthusiasts who want to discover how to get nice and shiny shells and for professionals who want to develop them knowledge about the crystallization and the conservation of them chocolates.


At the end of this E-book, you are going to know the origin and the characteristics of cacao, the manufacture of chocolate from bean to bar as well as the detailed composition of each products.


You will master the technology, the different ways of chocolate tempering and the molding technic.


To finish, you are going to understand the reasons behind many problems such as chocolate bleaching as well as the solutions that you can bring to improve the conservation of your chocolates.

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  1. Eliis Viljaste

    This is the best book.

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